Hello! My name is Koey. I am a craft artist, illustrator and explorer in Hong Kong. I loves capturing feelings, creating things and all sorts of cheerful things in life.

I started my passion in craft since little and making soaps at home for families and friends in 2008. Since 2010, I started selling my handcrafted creations and soaps under my name, "by Koey". The products sold in this online shop are made by my hands from a simple idea to design and to packaging. Thanks for stopping by and hope you find something you like. If you have any enquirers, or would like to have custom-made order or any form of collaboration, say hello to me via alohakoey(at)gmail(dot)com .


C R A F T  &  P R I N T  

I love the nature so most of my creations are nature-inspired. Also, I love creating weird animal characters as well. They look sneaky but indeed have an innocent heart.

S O A P  &  B O D Y   C A R E

All soaps in this shop are homemade using the traditional cold-process method with a formulation of minimum 72% of olive oil so they are very gentle to face and body but strong enough to cleanse and remove excessive sebum and dirt for all skin types. Only natural and vegetarian-friendly ingredients, such as plant oils and butter, mineral clay, dried herbs and pure essential oil, and no artificial addictive, like fragrances, coloring and SLS, are used. In addition, glycerin is a natural by-product of cold-processed soap, which has wonderful moisture-locking properties. 

Custom order of handmade soap takes around 3 months to be finished. Please contact me minimum three months prior the date you would like to have it. Thanks for your patience and understanding.